iPad Photo workflow

Interesting article on travel workflow using iPad... http://www.creativepro.com/article/ipad-photo-workflow Great advice on apps and how to use the iPad with limited storage.

Another article using Day One for journalling. http://danbaileyphoto.com/blog/my-lightweight-ipad-travel-photography-workflow/

On the road with a camera, an iPad, and a Hyperdrive


My workflow this summer

The main objectives for the vacation is to get the jpegs into the iPad so I can use the pictures on my travel blog.

Using Nikon D800. Raw files to CF and jpeg normal small to SD.

I will use the camera connection kit/sd card reader in my iPad to import the pictures. Once they are there I will select a few to use on my blog. Have several apps to use for editing the photos... Adobe PS Express, FilterStorm Pro, Snapseed,...

Will evaluates if I should use Photos info pro to add metadata. If so I will export the xmp files to Dropbox.

Photosmith is a bit expensive. I don't know if I will add a complete Lightroom workflow, so I will skip it for now.

Considering getting a Macbook Air for handling the workflow while travelling. Quite light and I suspect it is easier to add metadata to Lightroom, than to handle it on the iPad.